What's Up List October 2012

Suddenly it's October... and next thing you know it's year 2013. Perhaps time does rolling faster toward the year's end?

Despite of the issue that the world is going to end this year, thanks to the Mayan Calendar prophecies, I still make plans for the upcoming year and assure everybody that the world is not going to end in 21 December 2012, I promise... Well that's an easy promise since even if the world did end by that date, you can't sue me either.

On the lighter note, facing October in Bali I was preparing for the super rainy season just like we had last year, however the sun is still shining brightly with just occasional light shower in early mornings; hence no rush to dust the raincoat I stored (did not sure where) earlier this year.

And the highlights of October 2012 are:
  1. Will Meyrick will be performing a duet with William Wongso in "William and William", a Gala Dinner opening the Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012 this Thursday 4 October. Among the rare event which making me wishes I was still living in Jakarta.
  2. Ubud Writers Festival is about to start, this 4 October too, bringing you the plethora of interesting topics on writing and culture. Among the talks you should attend is the "Tongue Teasers" which talk about passion for food and succumbing to the temptation, where Bondan "Mak Nyus" Winarno will be one of the speakers
  3. Mayura Mohta is launching her new book "The Heart Smart Oil-Free Cookbook" in Singapore. This is an important book for those who loves eating, and wish to keep that hobby until the later days of his/her life
  4. Some free online courses to improve your writing skills are available at Coursera. Though some will not start until early next year, you might want to sign up early to avoid missing it. One of the highlight is "The Science of Gastronomy" which  introduces participants to elements of science lying behind cooking and cuisine preparation
  5. The 6th Annual Balinale International Film Festival 2012 is coming. Between 22-28 October there will be World premiers, festivals, talks, and everyday screening of good movies, including a Gourmet Cinema Charity Dinner which include one ticket to the screening of Entre’ Les Bras (2012), A documentary on three-Michelin-stars French chef Michel Bras, and his decision to hand over his restaurant to his son, Sebastien. This dinner is supported by Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Bali. Event will be held at the new cineplex in Bali, Cinema XXI Beachwalk - Kuta, right by the Pantai Kuta shores.
  6. Kuta Karnival 2012 will be held from 10 - 14 October, with various fun and cultural related activities, including a Food Festival which will open from 12 - 14 October 4 p.m. onward.
Anything else should be on the list? Feel free to comments.


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