Food Shot: Giant pastel from Puri Mas, Bali

A giant sized pastel, spotted on the display at Puri Mas 3 Bakery at Jalan Teuku Umar, Denpasar, Bali. Filled with mixture of stir-fried egg, glass noodle, vegetables, and grounded chicken meat; a wonderful treat to both your taste buds and eyes. Sold @13K a half (pictured above). (byms)
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Ryan said...

You guys should try this new hot dogs stand in Bandung. Is called Flaming Hot Dawgs they are trying to introduce real american flavor. the taste is different from any other hot dogs in bandung. Especially for someone like me i've been here in Indonesia for 6 month and im from the states so i missed real american taste until i went to flaming and had one hot dogs just to see how it taste and you know what it actually taste like american hot dogs the flavor and all so its great for me it remind me back home. I talk to the people and ask if the where only selling hot dogs and they said later on they will come out with more different type of food but as for now just the hot dog. Price is reasonable they are at Pasir Kaliki next to Indomarent i dont know the address. Should try different taste real American taste.