First attempt at roasted vegetables

We think roasted vegetables are yummy. That's why upon acquiring this new electric oven, roasted vegetables are among the first thing we try. Easy preparation, and our likeness is the main reasons.

All we need is just chopped vegetables, sprinkled over some salt and pepper, and voila... not so good first attempt:

It was a bit dried for being scorched a bit too long. And inadequate oiling resulted in some unanticipated charring as well.

The second attempt however, looks much better, while taste much better as well:

Yes the ingredients has also enriched; now we added cherry tomatoes and Champignon mushrooms. We also sprinkled some mixed herbs to adds the aroma. Usage of coconut oil instead of olive, adds a new twist to the fragrance as well and makes it feels more Bali.

With our last shopping, we have also bought some beet root and more cherry tomatoes since it tasted great. What you can count on is, if the ingredients tasted good raw, then roasting will make the flavour more intense, while softening the texture down. It will also makes the food dry, hence adding oil on open roasting helps attain the moisture. Also don't forget to preheat the oven, and when in doubt it's better to go slightly undercooked, than over or charred.

I hope we can get an even prettier look, and even better taste on our third attempt. (byms)