Foodspotting - A cool toy for the mobile food photographer

Now that I have a better phone and Internet connection, one thing that comes naturally as the next step is utilizing it to support my passion of street food photography, especially since I also found this wonderful apps on the Android market: Foodspotting.

The idea of this apps is that we should, instead of recommending an eateries, recommends a specific food from it. A simple concept that's much overlooked by today's food-related websites I think, and I agree with their vision hence I downloaded their apps right away. This way, I can indulge my passion in street food photography, while at the same time publicize it online to share with others; not only on Foodspotting networks, but also cross-posted to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, even Instagram and Foursquare.

Beside for Android devices, at the moment Foodspotting app is also available for users on iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices, while for Blackberry is coming soon.

Yeh it made me a bit lazy to write blogs, but it's a quick useful tool to use when you don't have many words to go along with your pics.

Fell free to visit Epicurina's Foodspotting account, drop some comments, and let me know if you are already a member also so I can add you to my contact list. (byms)