4th visit to Tan's Kitchen

Hainan Chicken Rice with Mapo Tofu Sche Zuan
and Mixed Mushroom with Chicken at Tan's Kitchen
Denpasar, Bali 
So far it's been a constant quality dining, and their fish soup with century egg bits in milk based stock continues to become our favorite, even to our two years old, who has even more picky food selection than his mom.

And we also noticed with each visit that more and more people are eating here, including from the Chinese ethnicity itself; meaning that business is growing, and its quality is above standard  -- since I'm among the believers that good food will be frequented by people from the food's ethnic/regional origin.

Which is a good news for us since it's really hard to find a Chinese food in Denpasar that's both affordable, delicious, and Halal. (byms)
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