Nasi Gudeg Danukusuman, Denpasar, Bali

Nasi Gudeg & side dishes, originally uploaded by bayuamus.
For about two months, sometimes attending them several weekends in a row, this is our favorite spot for weekend lunch or dinner; Gudeg Danukusuman.

It happen right after our neighbor inform us with the precise location of the eateries, which now is located deep inside the abandoned Ruko Alfa shopping mall beside the Carrefour Alfa store at Imam Bonjol street.

Previously we've been searching for this place, but not knowing the exact name or location the search was fruitless. Now with the new information, we're able to find the place without too much effort.

As it turns out, it's almost impossible to spot the place from the main street, since it located deep within the store lots, not on the food hall up front; which sometimes there's also buses parking to completely obstruct the view towards the place.

(see the small green rectangle banner far behind?)

The finding, as you have predicted, resulted in major remapping of our recommendation list for good food in Bali, because not just the food here are delicious, it is also affordable, and you got a lot of option to choose from.

Basically they serve traditional Solonese dishes here, which includes:

  • Nasi Gudeg (Solo style) - 8K
  • Nasi Liwet - 7K
  • Nasi Tumpeng - 7K
  • Timlo - 7K
  • Selat - 8K
  • Nasi Kuning - 7K
  • Bubur Lemu - 5K

You can also find various side dishes and snacks, like:

  • Sosis solo
  • Sosis solo basah
  • Quail eggs satay
  • Tempe bacem
  • Tahu bacem

And variety of traditional delicious drinks:

  • Beras Kencur (must try)
  • Kunyit Asem
  • Wedang Ronde

I'll elaborate more on detail of each dishes later on. Please refer to for map reference.