KQ5; Should a Cheap Steak mean a Poor Eating Experience?

KQ5 ia a cheap steak hut in Denpasar famous for its... well, cheap price. Howver, they're among the short list of top cheap steak vendors in Denpasar, along with Obonk, and Steak & Shake (both from Jakarta); so when our carnivorous rush emerges, we felt it's better to visit the first; hoping to encounter a wonderful surprise; especially since we're quite familiar with the last two.

Guided by the iWare GPS using Amigo, we found the place without much hassles. Alas, during our arrival there at 11 o'clock we only encountered empty benches in an open area with two less than interested staffs. They then informed us that the place is not opened yet, but they will be at 12.

Felt a bit disappointed to have an eateries catering for lunch still dead at an hour before lunch time, and we're both hungry, we then left the place. However since we think that it's just an hour away then we'll just drive around for a while and find a place to hide from the Denpasar scorching sun.

We're hoping that we can just wait there with a glass of cold Teh Botol or iced Aqua; but since the two staffs were less than eager to welcome us, we just drove away.

After spending some time at the Es Teler stand about 400m down south, and circling the Bajra Sandhi monument scouting for new food prospects, we then returned to the place at about 5 minutes to noon, and found the two staffs was then busy behind the counter chopping and slicing; but still no other visitors than us, and no other staffs present.

So we parked our motorcycle in front of the dining area, willing to wait for another while, when one of the staff again shouted at us "belum buka pak!". Upon reconfirming when we should return then, there's just another continuous shouts "belum buka, belum buka!"

Funny shop... we understand that misjudgement and misshapen do occurs, but we also learned that most of the times it's how you manage the unexpected that really makes a matter. In this case KQ5 fails miserably; not only again, we're only receiving distant shouts from the staffs, and not even an offer to have a seat and wait, it even felt like our presence was even unwanted.

I was once visited Iga Bakar si Jangkung in Cipaganti, Bandung, when the semi permanent stand was only just erected. The staff preparing the tables welcomed us and seated us, and let us having a drink while waiting for our order prepared. Not long afterward, our food then served, and only upon finished eating and we're asking for a hot tea, they informed us that the hot water was still boiled, as they're not open yet!

Back to the present, feeling ignored, twice; we then think it's much better to visit the nearby Cak Asmo restaurant instead, and save our good mood (the rest of it) for the day. Thanks to Cak Asmo, we had a delicious sweet and sour crab there; a perfect lunch!

As about the eating experience at KQ5, I guess in this case they're failed right from the very beginning; customer relationship should be maintained right from the very beginning, even at the stage of information inquiry.

Even that we're unable to determine how KQ5 here really performed on other aspects; we're not curious. We value our time and well being highly, hence we rarely revisit places that don't welcome customers with even common courtesy (unless they have a damn good food or very rare experience expected to occurs). Well in KQ5 case all that we have is a bad start, all the hype on the internet, and nothing more.

I guess for now we can conclude that cheap food here is really paired with poor experience. (byms)

GPS Data:

Denpasar Selatan, Panjer
Jalan Tukad Musi 4

Denpasar Selatan, Panjer
Jalan Tukad Gangga