Cak Asmo and Udang Telur Asin

Here's one Chinese style seafood restaurant in Bali, minus the usual entitled high price. Choices are abundant, from chicken to beef (no pork), shrimps to mud crabs. Cooking varieties consisting of the usual goreng mentega (in margarine sauce), saus Inggris (in Worcestershire sauce), saus Tiram (in oyster sauce), saus pedas (in hot chili sauce), and some consisting of the not so usual saus madu (in honey sauce), and the special goreng telur asin (in salted egg sauce). The last one is made with mashed yolk of the telur asin, a local delicacies of preserved egg, usually made from duck's egg, hard boiled, salted, then left fermented for some days in a mix of ash and terracotta compound, before consumed. It's a bit of acquired taste, but once you get it then there's no substitute for a good moist oily telur asin.

Their Udang Telur Asin (pictured above) consist of medium sized shrimps, fried in flour batter and then sauteed in the mixture of foamy margarine sauce and telur asin's yolk. It's a treat for those who enjoy rich and salty tastes.

Don't forget to taste their "Terong Magic" also, which is a batter fried eggplant, served in sweet and hot soy ketchup sauce.

Except for some, most of the menus here are priced according to their size. Small portion is abundant for two, enjoyable by four, while big portions is suitable for family dining.

With a very decent price and good enough taste, this place is a favorite among budget eaters as well as friends celebrating special occasion.

Interior is not much though, stair to the second floor is weathered, uneven floor level, but it's quite clean, and air conditioned room are available to drove away the heat of Denpasar weather.

Beside of the Chinese food, Cak Asmo also serve simpler variation like Mie Ayam (Chicken Noodle), and Siomay Bandung (Dumplings with peanut sauce and sweet soy ketchup).

Cak Asmo has two locations, one is the newer and bigger restaurant at the Teuku Umar street, about 20 minutes drive from Kuta or Seminyak. The other, and older location is tucked in at a small street near the Simpang Enam; same road further north.

Expect to spend about 60K for a meal with two dishes, rice, and ice tea for two. (bay)

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