Food Curiosity and Hooliganism

Last week my wife and I watched "The Green Street Hooligans" on TV. It was a striking movie with strong display of football hooligan acts. But more than show of brutality, this movie gives a good sight into the reason why British's football matches are often accompanied by clash of supporters.

Without further discussing about the movie (some other time perhaps), there’s a quote that could capture the spirit of those football firms, thrill seekers, trouble makers, and logic defying adrenaline junkies;

"Once you've taken a few punches and realize you're not made of glass, you don't feel alive unless you're pushing yourself as far as you can go"

As for me, I found out that this fits also to my food-curiosity behavior! I realize that as I was able to discover more and more hidden beauty in those foreign and exotic foods, I was experiencing something new and many times unexpected pleasure. This has driven me yearning for those new sensation on my taste buds, and experiencing new kind of savoring pleasure. Hence why, the first item I would consider on “virgin” eateries is almost always something new to me.

On the contrary, some other people cannot fully experience the new found sensations therefore sees foreign food as something less interesting to explore (or any food at all). While with some strict eaters, driven by their not so forgiving digestion or appetite system, negative feedback possibly received upon encountering such foreign food experience tends to create long lasting damage, hence why, makes them tend to stick on a safe bet of consuming only the food they have known well.
So, which kind of eater are you? (bay)