About Epicurina

Broadcasting Bali's rich culinary scene: food stories, photos, venues; right from the island. 

What does "Epicurina" mean?

Epicurina stands for "Epicurean Indonesia", it's formed by combining "Epicurean" and "Ina", where "INA" is the international abbreviation of Indonesia. The name was chosen to evoke the sense of refinement and intelligence, as Epicurina aimed to connect with those who are curious about food, and seek enjoyment from eating; eating as a meaningful activity, not just merely a nutrition consumption or life preservation.

Why in English?

We uses English since our focus is to promote Indonesian food, and Indonesian good-food scene to the world. 

What does Epicurina Blog consisted of?

We writes about Indonesian food, and Indonesian good-food scene, complete with the delicious looking food shots. Epicurina currently focused on Bali's good food scene by writing lists, reviews, and coverage of Bali eateries, from the street food level, to the fancy restaurants.

Occasionally we also writes basic simple stuffs about Indonesian food to share insight into Indonesian food and eating culture.

By conditioning our self to have the similar curiosity as one beginner would, we're able to provide tidbits of delicious information about Indonesian good food, thus exposing Indonesian rich food and culinary heritage to the world.

Please enjoy your visit, and let us know if there's anything we can help you related to Indonesian good food scene. (byms)

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