Measuring visitor's likeness to visit eating destinations in Bali (WIP)

What I'm trying to do here is to assess and measure visitors' likeness to visit eating destinations in Bali, based on scoring of several factors: the cuisine's degree of uniqueness, guest's venturesomeness, and other related modifiers. This is a work in progress (WIP).

Degree of uniqueness

Cuisine WesternersAsianIndonesian

3 - highly unique
2 - somewhat unique
1 - not unique/very familiar


Indonesian cuisine is highly unique for both Westerners and Asian (3), since its presence is still rare outside Indonesia. Indonesian cuisine though, is not unique to Indonesian (1) because it's their native cuisine.

Balinese cuisine is highly unique for all three groups of visitor (3), since it's presence is still rare outside Bali.

Asian cuisine is only somewhat unique to Westerners (2) considering its wide spread into the global world. It's not unique to Asian visitors (1) since it's their native cuisine, and it's not unique to Indonesian too (1) since it's already considered as a common cuisine, and good Asian restaurants are already flourished in Indonesian cities.

Western cuisine is not unique to Westerners (1) since it's their native cuisine, while it's somewhat unique for Asian visitors (2) considering its already global spread, and it's somewhat unique for Indonesian too (2), considering it's already wide spread in Indonesian cities.


Based on uniqueness factor alone,
  • For Westerners, suggest eateries serving Indonesian and Balinese cuisine.
  • For Asian, suggest eateries serving Indonesian and Balinese cuisine.
  • For Indonesian, suggest eateries serving Balinese cuisine, or Western cuisine (2nd best) 


Another factor to consider is the visitor's venturesomeness or their willingness to adventure vs. preference to stay in their comfort zone. While global travelers are assumed to have high venturesomeness level, those traveling with children or big families often are not. In those two different conditions, highly unique cuisines would attracts people with high venturesomeness level, but repels those who have low venturesomeness level, for example:
  • For Asian visitors traveling with children and families (low venturesomeness level/lv), recommendation on Asian or Western cuisine might works better compared to Indonesian or Balinese cuisine.
  • For Asian visitors traveling as couple (high venturesomeness level/hv), recommendation on Indonesian or Balinese food would be considered great, and they would welcomes Western cuisine too, but less interested on Asian cuisine.

Other Modifiers

Other factors to consider are different modifiers related with the eatery reputation itself, for example:
  • Fame: Famous +1, infamous -1
  • Atmosphere: Good +1, bad -1
  • Location: Exotic +1, bad -1
  • Distance: Close +1, far -1
  • Cleanliness: Clean +1, dirty -2
Considering these modifiers, some western restaurants might excite westerners into coming if it's famous, having a good atmosphere in an exotic location, easy to reach and are know to be very clean, e.g.: Metis & Sarong in Petitenget, Trattoria and Ultimo in Oberoi.

On the other hand Balinese eateries might not attract westerners when it's relatively unknown, having common atmosphere in a common location, it's quite far, and its cleanliness are unknown. e.g.: Nasi Ayam Betutu Panggang Kadek Wati in Gatot Subroto, Betutu Liku in Gandapura, and most of Balinese streetfood. (byms)


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