Makansutra Indonesia 2013 is out!

Alhamdulillah, I can finally get a hold of the book myself, see the fruit of our efforts, and finally able to convince myself that it's real! :D

"Makansutra Indonesia 2013" is the first food guidebook I contributed to, and I have so much fun doing all the research on the #streetfood of Bali -- despite the weight gains and cholesterol increases from having to review several dishes a night (and even more on weekends).

Thanks to @arieparikesit for letting me join the team, @kfseetohsg and all the good people at @Makansutra for making this book possible, fellow researchers, and surely to my lovely @hypnoticade as the assistant-assistant-researcher :).

Makansutra Indonesia 2013 book covers 500 eateries in Indonesia spanning three regions: Bali, Bandung, and Jakarta; all are tested and reviewed by dedicated Indonesian foodies, and to borrow Arie's word; while it's barely scratch the surface of Indonesia's best eats, but hey, this is only the beginning!

I hope you enjoy reading it and getting more curious to try out these Indonesian best eats yourself. (byms)


Mama Obito said...

Awesome! I wish I was part of the team. :-D

Epicurina Indonesia said...

I hope so too, so I can share the weight gained :D

Honeylizious Rohani Syawaliah said...

selamat ya sudah terbit :)

Epicurina Indonesia said...

Makasih mbak Honeylizious Rohani Syawaliah :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pak Bayu, mau tanya nih, kedepannya apa Makansutra Indonesia bakal nge-cover kota2 besar Indonesia lainnya?


Epicurina Indonesia said...

Rencananya begitu, ada saran kota mana yang sebaiknya dimasukkan juga?

Anonymous said...

Mungkin Padang dan Makassar?

Lalu, apakah Makansutra Indonesia ini bakal mengeluarkan edisi baru setiap tahunnya Pak?