Denpasar Junction XXI and the hidden hang out spots

For you coming from a big city in Indonesia to Denpasar, you might immediately notice that Denpasar is really in shortage of good movie theatres! In fact at the moment there's only two cinemas open in Denpasar, and only one of them is worth mentioning: the Galeria 21.

Adding salt to the wound, the Galeria 21 only have two theatres! That is why there would still be long queue after a week or two for a movie (if the movie hasn't been kicked by other next in line movie), because the theatres can only contain so few visitors at a time!

One of the happiest moment related to this matter happens last night, when me and wife and Z finally put our steps in this new shopping mall in the centre of the city, the Denpasar Junction. It's when I saw the big banners hung right beside the main entrance that says "Denpasar Junction XXI will be opening soon"

If you are unfamiliar with the "XXI" code, it's the signature brand of movie theatre made by the 21 Cineplex of the Subentra Group; a business conglomerate in Indonesia which basically monopolize the movie distribution in Indonesia. Subentra Group has two subsidiaries to handle its affairs: PT Camila Internusa as the film distributor and PT Satria Perkasa as handler of the theatres’ management. Back in 2003 they hold about 59% ownership of all movie theatres in Indonesia.

Though nowadays its dominance has been facing challenge from the new player; Blitz Cineplex, there's still a lot of gaps to catch on, and in the end it benefiting us the customers with the increased quality provided and lowered price.

However, referring to comments on its Foursquare spot: Denpasar Junction XXI :: Denpasar, Bali, the banner has been hung there for a while, and there's no information about its progress either on the web.

I just hope that effect of the banning on Hollywood movies will quickly disperse, and whatever stalling them for so long will be solved, and the new cinema development would resume.

As a side note, Denpasar Junction itself is a pretty much unexplored area for me and wife, since even after almost 2 years of us living in Bali the place provides only a small attraction. The place itself is on most part empty; that is without open stores and lots of lots are still unoccupied. However on the ground level there are signs of live: the crowded J.Co Donuts and Bread Talk outlet, the phenomenal Solaria outlet, a fancy restaurant with free WiFi, a new shabu-shabu restaurant we visited last night, Baskin Robbins stall, and a work on progress Roppan outlet which will sell a Japanese style toast.

I guess when the theatre finally opens, this nice and critically located shopping mall will get its much required flow of customers. That is, if the Denpasar Junction itself survives the tax and zoning regulations issue they violated. along with the legal dispute. (byms)